from just a few chickens, to a  farm full of birds including chickens,  peafowl, guinea fowl, turkeys, etc...       

 Dawn ordered her first chicks via snail mail USPS in 2008. There were roughly 20 chicks all chirping away in a box dotted with little air holes. The children who worked so diligently at painting the new coop and readying it for the babies arrival peeked eagerly through those little holes, eagerly anticipating that moment that started it all, the moment we will never ever forget. The moment Chicken Alley came to life!


The love of poultry grew wildly with those first twenty or so chickens. Dawn began builing her Chicken empire, and Jesse began the research of what to order next. Soon more little boxes came holding precious little balls of fuzzy soft cuteness. Those boxes included Amerucana's, Rhode  Island Reds, Red Star Sexlinks, Barred Rocks, Polish, Guinea Fowl,

Pheasants, and even Turkeys. 

As the years went on, and Chicken Alley became better known through out the community as a place to go for healthy beautiful laying hens, chicks, or even eggs. We began to introduce more breeds and a larger variety including Cuckoo Marans, Astrolops, Wheatan Marans, Blue Birchens, Golden Buff Cochins, Golden Orpingtons, Red Blue Laced Wyndottes, Black and White Wyandottes, Buff Brahma Bantams, English Game, Peafowl and many many many ( seriously many) more.  


We began incubating lots of our own chicks. We bagan selling ungraded, unsized eggs.  Beacuse quite frankly some were just too JUMBO to fit in  jumbo sized cartons!


We joined and even lead the Shenandoah Valley Poultry and Garden Club for a period of time. We supported and still continue to support Ammeding the laws for the City of Lexington to Legalize Chickens/ small backyard flocks.


Chicken Alley together with Dawn & Jesse really have so much talent and knowledge to share that its literally too much to tell it all here.... So stay tuned, watch our website grow, just like our farm did!


And most of all Thank You for taking the time to stop by!



67 Joshua's Way

Natural Bridge Station, Va. 24579

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